Masu-Basket on the road

Hello all junior basketball fans.

Team MaSu 2005

This is Malmin Superkoris ry’s a.k.a. Masu-Basket’s boys born in 2005 informal road trip site. You might hear us singing this a bit tuned Finnish song “Masu-Basket on koripallomatkalla…” That translates pretty directly to the title of the page. If you are more interested in our team’s official site you can find it from here.

We thought that some links and pics about us would be nice in the beginning.

This is the link to BBBL site, where you can find the latest news of the tournament.  If you want to find out specifically how we are doing you can click link season 2015/2016 or link season 2016/2017 or link season 2017/2018 or link season 2018/2019

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Nice to see you in here. Hopefully you will enjoy following us on the trip as much as we do.

This is our team season 2015-2016.


This is our team season 2016-2017


This is our team season 2017-2018

Team MaSu 2005_Season_2017_2018.jpg




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