Rally driver,Jacuzzi and Sauna

BBBL Stage 1 – 12-14.10.2018 – Riga, Latvia




First morning in Riga showed itself sunny and warm. +18 is quite warm for October.


Mercedes having only few miles driven was our way to get to first game in Mezaparks.


Games started from tough end first having BC S.A. Yaskina as a first opponent. After the shakedown game we returned to the hotel for a lunch and took taxis back to Mezaparks this time. We found excellent wannabe rally drivers to drive those taxis. 80km/h is OK in a narrow and crowded 2-way street in a rush hour, right? Second game didn’t bring us any easier opponent as we met Jumpball.

As a surprise for the boys we booked sauna and jacuzzi from the hotel for evening. Great! Hotel in turn arranged us a surprise by giving us empty jacuzzi. Sauna was warm tough. We got jacuzzi filled and everyone to sauna having a great evening after all. Great day!


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